Castlehead and Derwentwater Shore (approx. 4 miles)

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Map: Explorer OL4 The English Lakes - North Western area
Start: NY 267 234 - Keswick Market Place (Main Street).
Route: A great walk for autumn, with plenty of wonderful colours. The route takes you to the top of Castlehead, a smashing viewpoint south of Keswick, then returns you to Keswick via the lake shore.
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Refreshments: Lots of choice in Keswick - our favourite continues to be the quirky Square Orange, which you pass just a few yards after leaving the Market Place.

Keswick Market Place From the Market Place, walk to the left of the Moot Hall (pictured above, on a sunnier day than the day we took most of the photographs to illustrate this route). Continue to the left of Greggs and the Keswickian Chip Shop to walk along St John's Street (the road becomes Ambleside Road).
Springs Road, Keswick About 200 metres after leaving the Market Place, turn right along Springs Road.
footpath sign, from Springs Road to Castlehead Look out for the finger post on the right - follow the narrow path indicated towards Castlehead Wood. Enter the Wood through a wooden kissing gate.
Castlehead Wood Once in the wood, it's not that easy to see the paths due to the fallen leaves (this doesn't just apply in autumn). At the first junction of paths, bear right, to head west. The path gradually turns towards the south and
Castlehead Wood about 200 metres after entering the Wood, look out for this marker post on the left. Follow the direction indicated
Castlehead Wood to climb up the the top of Castlehead - the last few metres are a bit of a scramble
view from Castlehead looking south but the view is worth it - even on a dull day!

Return to the main path through the Wood and head almost due west.
leaving Castlehead Wood Leave the Wood and cross Borrowdale road to join the path opposite.
footpath parallel to Borrowdale Road The path leads south, running parallel to Borrowdale Road. If you want a short cut back to Keswick, take the first path on the right - otherwise continue along the narrow path. You cross a farm road (rurn right for another short cut back to Keswick) and the path winds
footpath parallel to Borrowdale Road through woodland
approaching Derwentwater before bringing you down to the lake shore. Turn right
Calf Close Bay to walk along the shore of Calf Close Bay
Centenary Stone, Calf Close Bay Don't miss the Centenary Stone, carved by Peter Randall-Page to mark the centenary of the National Trust.
looking across Derwentwater The path turns to the north, following the line of the shore for a short distance
path near Stables Hill Cottages before turning away from the lake. Go through the wooden gate pictured and pass buildings at Stable Hills. The path widens and turns to the east.
path near Stables Hill Cottages Turn left at the junction pictured - now walking along sections of boardwalk through woodland, before
view across Derwentwater to Catbells returning to the lake shore. Continue to follow the path
Friar's Crag as it takes you into the woods at Friar's Crag. Take the narrow path on the left pictured. This leads to the viewpoint at Friar's Crag, from where
path from Friar's Crag ... the path leads north ...
Keswick landing stages taking you to Keswick landing stages.
Lake Road Head up the road, passing the Theatre by the Lake and Hope Park
Lake Road subway before going under the subway, and continuing up Lake Road. Turn left at the top of the road to return to the Market Place.

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