Around Tebay (approx 4 miles)

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Map: OL19 Howgill Fells & Upper Eden Valley
Start: NY 617 045 - Church Street, Tebay. On street parking - we parked on Church Rise, but there was plenty of room beyond the terrace, further down Church Street.
Route: the route explores the northern edge of the Lune Gap and the gentler countryside that the river passes through before turning south between the hills. It's not the quietest of walks - although traffic on the A685 was noisier than that on the M6!
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Refreshments: There is nowhere en-route to obtain refreshment, but we enjoyed a drink at the Cross Keys in Tebay when we finished. We didn't sample the food, but it looked good and prices were reasonable.

ChurchStreet, Tebay Walk down Church Street, following it round to the left as it becomes Low Lane
Lower Lane, Tebay and the surface becomes rougher. Follow the track towards the river, railway and M6. Just before you reac the river
footbridge over River Lune the path turns sharp right and then left to take you over the footbridge pictured.
looking south down the River Lune This is the view south from the bridge looking down the River Lune as it enters the Lune Gorge. This is the narrow gap between the enlarged Yorkshire Dales and Lake District National Parks. Modern transport links make use of river valley.
M6 crossing River Lune Once across the river turn right to follow the path under the motorway viaduct (there was a sign pointing only south - but the footpath runs alongside the river in both directions.
path by River Lune After passing under the M6 look out for a wooden stile taking you across a post and wire fence. The path then follows the river through a wooded area: primroses and celandines were in bloom when we followed the route in April.

A wooden gate leads into
path by River Lune a field. Whilst crossing the field you have a clear view of the Motte and Bailey castle across the river.
path near River Lune Leave the field by crossing the stile pictured. Turn right along a farm track and cross a bridge over Birk Beck.
track near M6 junction 38 Continue along the track and follow it under the motorway
Bybeck to walk between farm buildings at Bybeck
B6260 near Tebay Bridge The track leads you to the B6260. Turn right and then (before crossing Tebay Bridge) follow the path indicated by a finger post on the left.
The path takes you north east, away from the river The path takes you north east, away from the river.
between Tebay Bridge and Coatflatt Hall The route crosses a muddy field before you climb a stile in the stone wall. A clearer path then runs alongside a post and wire fence on your right. Go through a gateway and turn right
between Tebay Bridge and Coatflatt Hall on to a farm track running alongside a stream. Follow the track as it curves round to the east and then south to cross the stream. Turn right
near Coatflatt Hall and then bear left where the track forks. Pass through a gateway and converted farm buildings on the right. Opposite the last building
near Coatflatt Hall Turn left, through the gate pictured. Follow the track through the field.
near Coatflatt Hall Bear left where the track forks and follow a stony track leading uphill
between Coatflatt and Raisgill Halls through the gap in the stone wall pictured.
between Coatflatt and Raisgill Halls As the ground levels out continue through gateways to walk alongside a stone wall on your right.
between Coatflatt and Raisgill Halls Pass through the gate pictured and then almost immediately through a second gate on the right. Turn left to continue walking east - but now with the wall on your left.

Continue to walk alongside the wall as it turns to the south east, then walk through a wooden gate in the wall on your left
near Raisgill Bridge which leads into the field pictured. Walk towards the metal gate in the far wall. Go through the gate, turn right along the B6261, cross over the river
near Raisgill Bridge ... and immediately turn right (the finger post says A685). Walk through the field following the river
River Lune between Raisgill and Tebay Bridges passing this area of erosion on the northern bank. The route passes through a wooden gate
River Lune between Raisgill and Tebay Bridges and as the river meanders there is an area of deposition on the northern bank, whilst the southern bank has been protected with huge stone blocks. At this point our path continues south west, away from the river
near A685 towards Tebay towards a stile leading to a wide grassy verge by the A 685. Turn right to walk along the verge, back in the direction of Tebay.
A685 towards Tebay We had intended to take a path on the left - probably close to where this photograph was taken - but we missed it! It would have taken us in a loop away from the road for a short distance - but we continued along the road
A685 towards Tebay until we came to the finger post pictured. We went through the gate and walked along ...
narrow lane leading towards Tebay . this narrow lane.
Old Tebay Turn left when you meet the road
Old Tebay and immediately left again, following the track pictured.
Old Tebay Cross over the stile near to a transmission mast. The path passes a car park for industrial/retail units on the left, before re-joining the road opposite Junction 38 Services. Turn left,
roundabout at M6 junction 38 cross the road and walk up to the roundabout.
footpath, Tebay At the roundabout go straight ahead towards Tebay, then climb the stile on the right. Follow the direction indicated by the footpath sign. When you reach
footpath, Tebay the post and wire fence, walk towards a stile. Cross the stile and a small footbridge. Go south across the field to
footpath, Tebay a stone stile in the wall along the top of the field. Keep to the right of the field and cross a wooden ladder stile leading to Church Rise.

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