Janet's Foss, Goredale Scar & Malham Cove, Yorkshire Dales (approx 6 miles)

Map: Sheet 2 Yorkshire Dales - South and West
Start: Car park at Malham National Park Centre (SD900626)
Route: This circular walk visits the enchanting waterfall, Janet's Foss, the dramatic Goredale Scar and the magnificent Malham Cove. Most of the walk is along easy paths and tracks BUT... the scramble up Gordale Scar is quite demanding and the stepped path down the side of Malham Cove is long and steep. After very heavy rainfall the waterfall at Goredale Scar may be so swollen as to make the scramble impossible. Avoid Sundays and bank holidays - we followed this walk on a spring Sunday: the car park was overflowing and we had to queue to climb Goredale Scar.
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Refreshments: Tea rooms and pub at Malham

walk profile
Janet's Foss, Malhamdale, Yorkshire Dales From the car park, turn left towards the village. Cross the road, and take the footpath leading over the clapper bridge. Turn right on to Pennine Way and cross stiles. After about 300 metres take the path on the left, following fingerpost which reads, Janet's Foss 1 mile. Follow this path up the valley and then continue through wooden kissing gate to enter a wood. Shortly after the waterfall, the path emerges on to a road. Turn right along the road.
Goredale Scar, Malhamdale, Yorkshire Dales Where the road bends to the right, follow the track on left, through a campsite. The track winds between the stream and the cliff face to enter the deep gorge. We joined the queue to scramble up the rocks at the at the centre of the gorge. Although the scramble is quite short, the rocks are stepp and can be slippery. Above the waterfall, the going becomes easier (but is still steep). Eventually it leads out of the gorge out onto a plateau. Follow the clear path towards a wall, but don't cross the first stile on left. Continue walking parallel to the wall until reaching the corner of the field. Cross the stile on the left and walk along the road heading west for about 600 metres.
Wellington Monument, Baslow Edge, Peak District At a finger post to the right of the road take the path left, away from the road, following sign, Malham Raikes 1½ miles. Walk for about 440 metres to cross a ladder stile. Continue in the same direction, then follow finger post pointing to Malham Cove, skirting the pool pictured left. The path follows a shallow depression down to a ladder stile. Follow the path through a gap in a stone wall, then over another ladder stile. Turn right at another finger post pointing towards Malham Cove.
footpath from Bar Road, below Baslow Edge, Peak District The path leads to a ladder stile and then on to the extensive area of limestone pavement above Malham Cove. Cross the pavement, stepping carefully on the clints (the blocks of stone), avoiding the grykes (the gaps between the clints). At the far end of the pavement follow the path down steep steps to the valley bottom. It's then an easy walk along the popular path back to the road. Turn right on to the road to return to the village and National Park Centre.

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