Allenheads to Killhope (approx. 7.5 miles)

Based on a walk from Northumbria Discvovery Guide AA/Ordnance Survey 1987.

Map: Sheet OL31 North Pennines - Teesdale and Weardale

Start: Car park Allenheads - NY859453 (opposite the side of the Allenheads Inn)

Before or after your walk the village provides refreshment at the Hemmel Coffee House, the Heritage Centre, and the Inn. Refreshments are also available at Killhope Museum.

A gradual climb over heather moorland, then a steeper descent to Weardale. The return re-traces most (but not all) of the outward route. The upper section could be difficult to navigate in low cloud - compass and map are vital!

Allenheads to Killhope (approx. 3.75 miles)

From the car park, turn right to follow the unclassified road to the first public footpath fingerpost on the left. The path leads up past cottages on the right, then curves to the right, leading to the gate of Wentworth Cottage. Do not go through the gate, but follow the path which lead up along the fence to the left of the gate. Climb over a stile and continue with the fence on your left.

The path leads to a track. Turn right, walking between conifers. Climb over another stile and keep the fence on your left. A ladder stile leads you into fields. Follow the yellow waymarks over further stiles before turning left on to the track leading to West End. Keep straight ahead where the track turns left to West End. The path continues to a ladder stile which takes you onto the open moorland. Cross a stream and then turn sharp left to join Carriers' Way.

The clear Land Rover track climbs gradually until you reach grouse butts. Continue for a short distance past the butts, until you see a post on the left. Follow the line of posts over the watershed and down to a gate. This leads into an unsuccessful pine plantation. Trees were planted higher than the normal tree line. They did not thrive, and all that remains are lichen covered stumps. Climbing a stile next to another gateway leads into a dense forest. Follow the track down to the road. Cross the road to follow the drive down to Killhope Lead Mining Museum.

Killhope - Allenheads (approx. 3.75 miles)

After visiting the Museum (allow at least 1.5 hours if you wish to take the underground tour) re-trace your steps over the hill. On the return journey remain on Carriers' Track until close to the ruins of lead mine buildings. Keep the reservoirs and most ruins to your left. Walk close to the ruined base of a chimney and next to a flu, then down to a gate by the unclassified road. The signpost says that Allenheads is 1 mile to the right (actually it's just just less than 1 mile). Follow the road back to the car park.

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