Lower Foulridge Reservoir from Barrowford (approx 6 miles)

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Start: SD862398 Pendle Heritage Centre Car Park (pay at honesty box).
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We wanted to walk without going more than ankle deep in mud (as we had done on our previous walk), so chose this route as it followed quiet roads, a canal towpath and a path around a reservoir (the latter was the only place we got our boots just a little muddy).
More info: Foulridge Tunnel Canal and River Trust website;
Pendle Heritage Centre.
Refreshments: Pendle Heritage Centre.
Route profile: route profile
Pendle Heritage Centre car park, Barrowford Leave the car park by the road entrance and turn left to walk along the B6247, Colne Road.
B6247, gate leading to footpath After about 500 yards look out for the gate pictured above. There should be a fingerpost indicating public footpath, but all that remained was the post! Go through the gate and follow the path which runs between the road and the M65.
footpath between B6247 and M65, leading to Leeds Liverpool Canal The path leads to another gate and then a footbridge over the canal. Cross the bridge and turn left along ...
Barrowford Locks, Leeds Liverpool Canal ... the canal towpath. The signs still retain the logo of the now defunct British Waterways... I wonder how long it will take for the marketing team to replace the signage with the logo of the Canal and River Trust.
Lock Keeper's Cottage, Barrowford Locks,Leeds Liverpool Canal After walking past 4 sets of locks, you arrive at the former lock keeper's cottage by the 5th set. This is the highest point on the canal. Continue along the towpath until ...
near Foulridge Tunnel, Leeds Liverpool Canal ... the path divides. It doesn't matter which branch you take - they meet at ...
Foulridge Tunnel, Leeds Liverpool Canal ... the entrance to Foulridge Tunnel. The tunnel is too narrow for barges to pass, hence the traffic lights. Follow the tarmac path up to ...
track leading to Slipper Hill ... this bridge over a stream. After a little more than 100 yards you come to a minor road. Turn right.
Cycle track leading to Reedymoor After a few yards leave the road and pass through this gate on your left. Follow the cycle trail until it emerges through...
Reedymoor Lane ... the gate shown above. Walk straight across the road junction and then ...
Foulridge Lower Reservoir ... turn right to join the path around Foulridge Lower Reservoir. We walked round the reservoir in an anti-clockwise direction.
Foulridge Lower Reservoir the path crosses a couple of footbridges before you actually reach the path along the embankment. The reservoir stores water to feed the canal.
Foulridge Lower Reservoir Continue walking along the path until you reach the A56. Turn left and walk along the pavement ...
Foulridge Lower Reservoir ... until you come to a path on the left ... which continues the circuit of the reservoir.
Foulridge Lower Reservoir ... which continues the circuit of the reservoir. Retrace your steps along the cycle track and towpath ...
Leeds Liverpool Canal, leaving the towpath at bridge 144 ... until you reach bridge number 144. Walk under the bridge, turn sharp left and then left again to walk along the Red Lane. Where the lane meets Barnoldswick Road, turn left.
Barnoldswick Road, Barrowford Turn left again at the next junction, now following the A682.
A682, Barrowford Higherford Mill can be seen ahead - this is a centre for artists and is being conserved by the Heritage Trust for the North West (it featured in BBC2's Restoration programme in 2006. Immediately before the road crosses the river in front of the mill, turn left ...
footpath leading to Pendle Heritage Centre car park from A682 ... to follow a narrow footpath back to the car park..

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