In Pendle Hill's Shadow (approx 5½ miles)

Map: Sheet OL41 Forest of Bowland and Ribblesdale
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Start: Downham (SD785441) - we parked in the small layby at the bottom of the main street. There is an alternative car park available.
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The route is level, mainly along field paths which are not always clear on the ground. Most of the walk is really well marked with footpath signs - and many stiles have been replaced with kissing gates - though there are still a few stiles to climb.
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Downham village website
Refreshments: There is a tea room and a pub in Downham and also a pub about three quarters of the way around the walk at Worston.
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Main Street, Downham From the layby, cross the bridge, then take the road on the left to walk between the stream and a row of cottages.

to footpath by Downham Beck The road ends at a wooden gate, with a kissing gate alongside. Go through the kissing gate and follow the path, which although not clear on the ground, was well signed. Where the path divides, take the right fork, through another kissing gate. The path crosses a wooden footbridge before emerging on a farm track. Turn right along the track and then right again where it meets the road.
Gerna, near Downham

After walking for a few yards, turn left along the farm track towards Gerna. A footpath marker on the wall, points to a stile.
a glimpse of Pendle Continue along the field paths. In the last field before the farm buildings at Hookcliffe, continue to follow the field boundary round to the left (don't go through the metal gate ahead). A kissing gate brings you to a junction of paths - turn right.
junction of paths near Barkersfield Walk along this track for about 350 metres. The main track bears right, but we bear left passing through yet another kissing gate.

waymarker, showing distance For most of this walk, the footpaths and bridleways are well marked. This is an example on the gatepost at this junction shows that the path we are taking leads to Pendleton, which is 2½ miles away (we turn off before then).
Moorside At Moorside the path leads over the stile pictured, and between farm buildings. Follow the track for almost a quarter of a mile. Cross a cattle grid to emerge at the end of a road.
kissing gate on path leading to Angram Green Turn, left, then almost immediately go through the kissing gate on the right. Follow the path towards Angram Green.
Angram Green The path around the buildings at Angram Green is clearly marked. Once you are beyond the buildings follow the field boundary to the next kissing gate.
field path between Angram Green and Little Mearley Hall Once through the gate, turn right and pass through a gap in the hedge (there were the remains of a gateway or stile). Turn left and again follow the field boundary.
field path between Angram Green and Little Mearley Hall Leave this field by a narrow gate to the left of a water trough (as shown). Cross the next field, heading towards the left hand edge of a small wood. Go through the metal gate and follow the track towards Little Mearley Hall.
farm buildings at Little Mearley Hall The public right of way between the buildings at Little Mearley Hall is not signposted (at least from the this direction). Walk to the left of the first storage tank, go through a small metal gate and pass to the right of the second storage tank.
farm buildings at Little Mearley Hall Cross the farmyard and leave through the gate pictured. Turn right and follow the farm road.
near Little Mearley Hall The track comes to what appears to be a T junction, although the map shows a bridleway leading straight ahead. Turn left and walk a few yards, then turn right by a bridleway marker post. Again, there is no clear route across the field, but there are marker posts showing the way. You will come to Mearley Brook on your left and a stone wall on your right - walk between these.
close to Mearley Brook When you come to a dog-leg in the stone wall (pictured) pass through the metal gate. Walk close to the field boundary with the post and wire fence on your left.
close to Mearley Brook In the centre of the next field the bridleway which we're following crosses a footpath which we need to turn onto. But as there were no signs of either on the ground, we turned right and followed the stream pictured...
close to Mearley Brook ... to a stile in the northern corner of the field.

Cross a footbridge to leave the next field, then cross three more fields to emerge on a narrow road. Turn right. At the junction with another road (by the side of which there are sculptured sheep) turn right again.
Calf's Head beer garden, Worston Walk along the road through Worston - we stopped for refreshment in the garden of the Calf's Head.

As you leave the village follow the second footpath sign on the left down a track.
leaving Worston Look for the kissing gate to the right, and walk towards this, rather than continue along the track.
Worsaw Hill The footpath again leads through kissing gates, following the course of Worston Brook on your right.
near Worsaw End House As you approach the first buildings at Worsaw End, bear left and go through the gate in the stone wall. Bear right and follow the path as it skirts the foot of Worsaw Hill.
Pendle Hill Admire the view of Pendle Hill on your right as you continue to follow the path through fields and kissing gates to emerge between cottages in Downham.

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