Claife Heights and the West Shore of Windermere (approx. 5¼ miles)

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Maps: OS Explorer OL7 - SE Lakes. map
Start: SD 388 960 Harrowslack Car Park (National Trust).
Route: Mostly along well-defined paths and tracks - though some may be muddy after rain - as can be seen from the images: it was very muddy on the day we photographed the route. The final section follows a tarmac road alongside the lake. There are some great views over Windermere (especially if you walk on a better day than we did) and the return route is along the lake shore.
Links to route files: Ordnance Survey OS Maps online (may only available to OSMaps subscribers) or .gpx (exported from OSMaps - for many handheld devices).
More info: route profile
Refreshments: The Café in the Courtyard is close to the start and finish of the walk.
Harrowslack car park We may have started the walk differently if we had been better organized! We left the car, walked back along the road to the Viewing Station, Café in the Courtyard and public toilets by the ferry landing. If we had put on our boots when we left the car, we would possibly have continued up from the Viewing Station to join this route part way along. However, looking at the contours on the map - our route follows a more gentle climb!

We left the car park …
Harrowslack car park … via a small wooden gate at the far left corner of the car park and turned right to follow a path …
Woodland near Harrow Slack … leading uphill through woodland.
Woodland near Harrow Slack At a junction of paths turn left, continuing to climb.
Woodland near Harrow Slack The track levels off and leads through the gate pictured. A little further along the track the path from the Viewing Station joins from the left.
Leaving woodland above Harrow Slack Continue ahead to where the next gateway leads out of the woodland.
Junction of paths near Far Sawrey Turn right at the junction of path pictured: the sign points to Latterbarrow and Hawkshead.
Claife Heights The track passes a pond on the left (though I walked around the "wrong" side of this to avoid a very wet, muddy section of track). Go through the gate pictured to re-enter woodland.
Claife Heights Where the path divides, take the right fork. The marker post was lying flat in a puddle when we passed.
Claife Heights We passed through an area where the forest had been cleared …
Claife Heights … before coming to another junction of paths. We continued ahead, following the sign for Belle Grange...
Claife Heights ... and continue ahead at the next junction of paths.
view from Claife Heights On a better day, there would have been magnificent views over the lake - unfortunately all of the time we were walking along the Heights it was misty - at times we were walking in low cloud.
descending from Claife Heights The path starts to descend …
descending from Claife Heights … to meet a stony track. Turn right …
descending from Claife Heights … following the track downhill to …
near Belle Grange … meet the lakeside road at Belle Grange. Turn right again.
betweeen Belle Grange and Harrowslack car park Continue walking south alongside the lake.
Lake Windermere betweeen Belle Grange and Harrowslack car park Some of the clouds lifted for us at this point - though still covering the peaks to the north of the lake.
betweeen Belle Grange and Harrowslack car park The road continues, passing other small car parks, until you arrive back at Harrowslack.

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