Souter Lighthouse, Tyne and Wear (approx 6 miles)

Map: Sheet 316 Newcastle Upon Tyne
Start: Whitburn coastal car park, east of the A183 (NZ412635)
Route: The route is based on one downloaded from the www.visitnortheastengland website. The walk starts and ends by walking along the coastal path close to some spectacular scenery. The middle section leads over the highest point in the area - it's not that high, but it does command wide views.
More info: National Trust, Souter Lighthouse.
Wikipedia article on Souter Lighthouse
Whitburn Colliery (information from the Durham Mining Museum)
Refreshments: Marsden Grotto bar/restaurant.

walk profile
Coastal view north of Whitburn Leave the car park past a metal gate, walking towards the coast. Turn left onto the coastal path.
Wooded valley, near Stanhope Keep to the path which leads between the coast and the lighthouse. If the lighthouse is open, it is well worth a visit (click here for opening times).
Weardale, above Stanhope Continue north, passing a car park, and back on to the cliff top path. Continue along this path until reaching the lift and steps and lift down to Marsden Grotto. There are two reasons to visit the beach: refreshment at the bar and a closer look at the spectacular stacks.
crossing old quarry, Stanhope From the lift above Marsden Grotto, walk across the road and walk back in the direction of Souter Lighthouse. At the far end of the caravan park turn right to follow a bridleway away from the coast, with a caravan park on your right and golf course on the left. Cross a road and follow bridlepath sign. The golf course continues to be on your left and there is a disused quarry on the right. Cross a stone stile onto the golf course and follow yellow marker poles.
crossing old quarry, Stanhope Leave the golf course between bushes. Take the left hand of two paths, which leads to a metal kissing gate. Pass through the gate into a field with the water tower to your right and a (crumbling) stone wall on the left. The path leads past the sculpture pictured. Just beyond go through the wooden kissing gate. Walk past ruins of Cleadon Windmill and bear left to cross a wooden stile over a wooden fence. The path is waymarked as "Bede's Way." The path leads over three stiles. After the last of these turn left and follow path to a brick stile over a stone wall. Follow the farm track to the road and turn left.
Fossil tree, Stanhope Turn right on to a path between a caravan site and housing estate. At the end of the path, cross the road and bear left into Cedar Grove, walking towards Whitburn Mill. Walk past the mill to the coast road and left. Turn right a few yards beyond a bus shelter, climbing stone steps to follow a narrow public footpath. There is a firing range on your right. At the far end of the firing range turn left on to coastal path. Turn left off the coastal path to return to car park.

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