Humphrey Head and Allithwaite (approx. 4.8 miles)

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Maps: Explorer OL7 - The English Lakes: South Eastern Area. Starting point
Start & Finish: SD 396 756 - Kents Bank Station.
Route: This walk takes you through Humphrey Head Nature Reserve with its views of peregrines and parachutists (the latter mostly on fine weekends). To get to the headland the route skirts the railway embankment and after leaving the nature reserve it takes you along the beach (be prepared to paddle across channels of water left by the tide - the beach may be impassable at high spring tides - check the tides). We then walked along fields to Allithwaite and returned to Kents Bank along narrow roads.

Humphrey Head is reputed to be the home of the last wolf in England - no wolves sighted on our walk, but we did catch a glimpse of a fox crossing the path ahead of us.
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Refreshments: The Pheasant Inn, Allithwaite - we enjoyed a drink here.
Abbot Hall, Kents Bank - advertises that they serve coffee (so they probably serve tea as well). There is plenty of choice in Grange over Sands. .
Route profile:
Kents Bank Station Enter the station and cross the track via the crossing at the end of the platform.

Kents Bank Station crossing Immediately after crossing the railway line, turn right and go through the gap in the wall to the left of the "Stop, Look, Listen" sign. Follow the narrow concrete path along the embankment.
approaching Kirkhead End The concrete ends and the path drops down and skirts the rocky outcrop of Kirkhead End. At high spring tides it can be a little wet along this section.
near Wyke Farm The path continues alongside the railway embankment, with Wyke Farm ahead. When you reach the stone wall, turn left and follow the wall
near Wyke Farm until you reach the gates pictured. Go through the kissing gate and follow the track up through a short stretch of woodland
near the Outdoor Centre then down
on the road near the Outdoor Centre to meet a narrow road. Turn left to follow the road for a few metres.
Outdoor Centre drive Turn left up the drive of the Outdoor Centre. When you reach the telegraph post bear right (as the signs on the post indicate).
on Humphrey Head, near the Outdoor centre Follow the path along open grassland, with the cliffs on your right. Look out for peregrine falcons hovering above the cliffs - and on fine weekends you may see light planes taking off from Cark Airfield to drop parachutists.
on Humphrey Head A fence crosses the headland - pass through the kissing gate at the right hand end of the fence and continue up towards
trig point on Humphrey Head the trig point. From here there are wide views across Morecambe Bay, with Heysham Power Stations standing sentinel on the east of the bay and Piel Castle to the west. Walk past the trig point
descending Humphrey Head following the path down to the beach
descending Humphrey Head just to the left of the headland. Round the rocky outcrop, possibly having to paddle through channels of water left behind by the tide.
the cliffs,Humphrey Head Continue along the sandy beach below the cliffs
memorial plaque, Humphrey Head taking heed of this poignant warning:

Beware how you these Rocks ascend
Here WILLIAM PEDDER met his end.
August 22nd 1857 Aged 10 Years
approaching small car park, Humphrey Head Continue along the beach below the cliff to join a lane.
Holy Well Lane Follow the lane, passing the drive to the Outdoor Centre until
Holy Well Lane you reach the track on the right that leads back across to the start of the walk. Re-trace your steps along this track and turn left at the end, still retracing your steps until
stile near Wyke Farm you see this stone stile and footpath close to the buildings at Wyke Farm. Climb the steps and turn to the right, through a wooden gate. Walk alongside the wall
bridge under railway near Wyke Farm to go under the railway line. Continue ahead
Cumbria Coastal Way between Wyke Farm and Allithwaite in the same direction.
Cumbria Coastal Way between Wyke Farm and Allithwaite Walk through this stile (waymarked for the Cumbria Coastal Way). At the far right corner of the field
Cumbria Coastal Way between Wyke Farm and Allithwaite go through this kissing gate. Walk along the right side of the next field to go through a similar gate
Cumbria Coastal Way between Wyke Farm and Allithwaite ... with a short footbridge at the other side. Go through the metal gate and then
Cumbria Coastal Way between Wyke Farm and Allithwaite Cross the stile on the left. Turn right
Cumbria Coastal Way between Wyke Farm and Allithwaite ... to follow the field boundary again. Near the end of the field, head towards the ladder stile at the left of the photograph. Climb the stile and walk along the right hand side of the next field.
Cumbria Coastal Way between Wyke Farm and Allithwaite At the corner of the field, the "official" exit was almost hidden by the hedge - so we walked a few yards further to exit the field through an open metal gate.
Cumbria Coastal Way between Wyke Farm and Allithwaite A few metres ahead we turned left onto a lane which lead us past stables.
Jack Hill,looking towrds the Pheasant Inn, Allithwaite Where we met a narrow road we turned left to see the Pheasant Inn ahead of us. We stopped for refreshment and had a wander around the village.

To continue this walk, follow the narrow road (Jack Hill) away from the inn
Jack Hill,walking away from Allithwaite up a fairly steep incline.
junction of Jack Hill, Holme Lane and Kirkhead Road At the junction of roads turn sharp right into Kirkhead Road. The road continues to climb - at the highest point it is higher than the trig point on Humphrey Head
descending Kirkhead Road before dropping down to provide great views of the Kent estuary.
Kent's Bank Station Kent's Bank Station is at the foot of the hill.

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