West Bradford and Waddington (approx 6¼ miles)

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Maps: Sheet OL41: Forest of Bowland and Ribblesdale.
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Start: SD741420. Clitheroe Transport Interchange. The starting point is convenient for those arriving by bus or train. There is a large pay and display car park on the side of the railway north of the town centre.
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The route leads through the pretty villages of West Bradford and Waddington. It also takes in parts of the Ribble Way and the Ribble Valley Sculpture Trail. There are short stretches of road walking, but most of the route follows paths by the river or across fields. Despite the profile of the walk looking quite steep - if you examine the scale you can see that there is very little climbing (the difference between the lowest point and the highest is less than 60 feet).
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Refreshments: There are a large number of coffee bars and pubs in Clitheroe;
The 3 Millstones Inn, West Bradford;
There are three pubs in Waddington, along with the Country Kitchen tearooms.
Route profile: route profile
Clitheroe Transport Interchange From the bus stop or the platform that is normally used for the Northern Rail Manchester - Clitheroe service you will need to take the road

bridge under railway, Clitheroe Transport Interchange under the railway which is between the station and the bus stop. If you are driving, you can access a long stay car park by taking the same road under the rail track (so long as your vehicle is low enough).

If you are looking for the car park then turn right after you pass under the bridge - for the walking route turn left.
Chester Avenue, Clitheroe Follow the footpath round either side of the bushes shown in the picture, and then follow the road round as it curves to the left.
Kirkmoor Road, Clitheroe Turn right at the junction pictured.
Back Commons, Clitheroe Continue ahead, passing the end of the cul-de-sac, Swan Meadows.
Back Commons, Clitheroe Where the lane curves to the left, go through the kissing gate on the right.
near Boy Bank Wood, Clitheroe Cross the middle of the field to walk through a second kissing gate. Cross the middle of a smaller field and pass through a third kissing gate. Walk along the right hand side of the field to come to
near Boy Bank Wood, Clitheroe yet another kissing gate. Take the right fork after this gate - you'll be able to see the impressive Waddow Hall directly ahead (but at the other side of the river).
entering Boy Bank Wood, Clitheroe You meet a junction of a number of paths at the top of a bank. Follow the path marked Ribble Way down a stepped path through trees.
the River Ribble and Brungerley Bridge from Boy Bank Wood, Clitheroe The path runs close to the river, providing views of Waddow Hall on the other bank and Brungerley Bridge ahead. A kissing gate takes you out of the wood and along the field path by the river.

Just before the road is reached there is a small footbridge to cross, then climb steps to reach the road where you
Waddington Road near Brungerley Bridge turn right.
Ribble Valley Sculpture Trail, Clitheroe After less than 100 yards take the surfaced path on the left - it's signposted Ribble Way and there's a sculpture on the left. The next section of path takes you along the Ribble Valley Sculpture Trail.
Ribble Valley Sculpture Trail, Clitheroe Unless you want to spend time finding all the sculptures, stay on the obvious main path to start with (to the left here there is Fish Mobile and an board with information about the history of river crossings at Brungerley, but the main path leads to the right).
Ribble Valley Sculpture Trail, Clitheroe At this branching of paths, take the left hand fork which leads down to
Ribble Valley Sculpture Trail, Clitheroe the otter sculpture. Follow the Ribble Way pointer to the left.
the Ribble Way near Bradford Bridge The path leaves the wood and runs close to the river bank. It emerges on West Bradford Road. Turn left, cross the bridge and follow the road ...
West Bradford through the village.
West Bradford At the T- junction turn left.

Follow the road past the 3 Millstones Inn (unfortunately closed when we walked past). Leave the village and just after the road winds round to the left, turn right on to Moor Lane (signposted for Three Rivers Camp Site and Eaves Hall Country Hotel and also marked with a no through road sign).
the path leading from Moor Lane, West Bradford Just before reaching Eaves Hall climb these steps on the left.
the path leading from Moor Lane, West Bradford The steps take you up to a lawn. Stay close to the trees on right and enter next field by passing through this rather ramshackled kissing gate. Walk ahead to the bushes on the opposite side of the field ...
the path between West Bradford and Eaves House Farm where a small footbridge and stile take you into the next field.
between Dock Tarn and Watendlath Walk along the top edge of this field, looking out for the post pictured. Walk to the right of the post to enter next field and then head diagonally across this towards the distant farmhouse.
Eaves House Farm Cross the wooden stile near to the farmhouse and then pass through the wooden gate ahead. Turn left and
the path between Eaves House Farm and Waddington left again into a lane. A few yards down the lane cross the stile in the fence on the right (you may be able to make out Lin sitting on the stile in the picture - waiting patiently for me). Cross the field, heading towards
the path between Eaves House Farm and Waddington this footbridge. Cross the bridge and head diagonally
the path between Eaves House Farm and Waddington to the left hand edge of the field. Follow the field boundary as it turns slightly left.
the path between Eaves House Farm and Waddington Leave the field by way of the stile to the right of a wooden gate. Go through a gateway ahead and then bear right.
Waddington Climb the stile pictured. Turn right and then left onto the lane ahead. Almost immediately turn right to follow the road which passes Waddington Hospital on the right (formerly almshouses, now sheltered accommodation) and leads to ...
The Higher Buck, Waddington ... the Higher Buck. We stopped here for a drink before turning left to follow
 Waddington the stream through the village.
 Waddington stay on the road by the stream, passing gardens on the right, until you reach Waddow View (there's a car park sign on a lamppost at the corner). Turn right and walk along Waddow View. At the end of this street turn left onto Edisford Road.
Edisford Road,  Waddington Follow the road for about half a mile. Shortly after passing the driveway to a large mansion on the right (Fields House Farm), look out for a kissing gate next to the metal gate seen in the picture. Go through the kissing gate and walk along the clear track.
the grounds of Waddow Hall Clear signs take you to behind the buildings at Waddow Hall.
the grounds of Waddow Hall The path leads through woodland before joining the driveway to the Hall. Turn left and follow the drive. The map shows the public right of way following a right hand branch, however when we completed the walk there were dozens of cars and mini-buses coming and going (Waddow Hall belongs to the Girl Guide Association). Marshalls who were helping direct traffic asked us to follow the main drive out to the road. Whether you follow the public right of way marked on the map or the main drive, turn right and follow the road over Bungerley Bridge.

Once over the bridge, turn right to retrace your steps
Boy Bank Wood Turn left back up the steps ...
near Clitheroe ... and at the top take the path on the left (but not sharp left)
Boy Bank Wood retracing your route ...
bridge under the railway at Clitheroe Station back to the bridge under the railway at Clitheroe Station.

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